Before working with F.E.E.L.S our company, Taste of Trelawny was in the red. We were experiencing huge financial losses and not reaching the expected profit margins for the restaurant industry. F.E.E.L.S helped get our business on the right track by setting financial goals for us to hit. F.E.E.L.S also found ways to increase our revenue during our slow times, by coming up with different specials to offer our customers that still made financial sense. They also helped us reduce our expenses, especially payroll. We are now keeping track of our inventory and buying supplies only when we need to. Their guidance has allowed our organization to have capital in our business account for rainy days. Thank you Kevin!!


Working with Kevin has been a really good experience for me. At first I had no idea where or how I wanted to start with stocks and investments; but he was very informative and helpful. We even branched out to him helping me with my business. Even though I was in business for myself for a little over two years he still helped with a lot as far as gaining clientele, changing my perspective on sales, customer relations and expanding. He is attentive and patient, very new beginning friendly. I plan to work with him forever if he lets me! --

Thanks, Kevin

J. Brown

Where do I start finances was something that was never talked about let alone taught to me. At 36years old I fault hopeless when it came to my finances. I was hesitant at first with Kevin because he was young but he definitely knows his stuff!. After our monthly sessions I can now confidently say I have a better understanding of my personal finances and have goals set that I am on my way to accomplishing thank you so much!


My experiences with money has always been a challenging one. I knew how to balance a checkbook; I just hated dealing with money. However I knew I had to grow up so I started talking to my son about my finances. Yes, a mother went to her child to become financially literate. The conversations we shared were uncomfortable and caused me anxiety at first. However after many conversations and coaching sessions I have learned the importance of financial literacy. I now pay my bills early and budget effectively. These coaching sessions really opened up my eyes. I now invest in the stock market and take a more aggressive approach on my 401k, since I was a little late to the game. Please understand I still am a little uncomfortable when it comes to money and finance, but I have come a long way. I truly must thank Kevin for taking me out of my comfort zone. He never left me alone in the process. We took baby steps together and for that I will be forever grateful. Do not allow your fear to dictate your future. 

L. Lively

I cannot make any money moves for myself or my business without talking to Kevin first. He always guides me through the process of what he is thinking and why i should implement a process into my business. Last year he helped me make the most money I ever have in my business which allowed me to buy a new car.

K. Ngozi

Dear Kevin, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for
the incredibly insightful presentation you delivered on stocks and S&P 500
trading. Your detailed step-by-step guidance made what seemed like a complex
topic accessible and understandable for everyone in the audience. Your passion
for the subject matter was evident, and your ability to break down intricate
concepts into digestible pieces was truly commendable. The clarity and
coherence of your presentation allowed me to grasp the nuances of S&P 500
trading, and I left with a much more profound understanding of the stock
market. Moreover, your willingness to address questions and provide additional
explanations showcased your dedication to ensuring everyone could follow along.
It's evident that you are not just knowledgeable about the topic but also
genuinely committed to helping others learn and grow in the realm of trading.
Thank you once again for your time, effort, and expertise. Your presentation
has left a lasting impact, and I feel much more confident navigating the world
of stocks.


Before working with Kevin I did not fully understand the financial side of my business. I knew I was making money but I had no understanding of my numbers. We know have financial documents  and I can understand the numbers in my business